26 Dec 2013

Gadget that make your Smartphone more Smart : FIN


FIN a Gadget from RHL VISION  with the slogan " Wear the World ". From a website  Fin is a real life buddy for every individual to do their digital interactions as natural as possible. Fin is a trendy gadget you can wear on the thumb and make your whole palm as a digital touch interface. 
From interacting with Rohil Dev a Founder/CEO of RHL Vision  ,  said about FIN - :
We are using touch to interact with our smartphone. if you are touching in the phone you need to hold phone in one hand and touch using thumb.That touching will reduce your screen visibility around 40%. But if you have fin, Just hold phone in your hand and your fin will be in your other hand you can put your hand feely and do all the touch and other gesture in your palm itself.
So it will give 100% screen visibility, and you can also attend the call or change music track without taking phone from the pocket.
" The smart choice make you more smart. "

For more updates visit : http://www.wearfin.com/