11 Nov 2013

Network of Virus in Links


When you receives a congratulatory message to your computer , you can't judge that you computer affected from virus or spywares.
These malicious virus like trojans and spywares, malwares silently attack to your system if you open these malicious mails.....

Sometimes , on facebook or in your E-mail when you click on some link and your computer becoms slow or it shutdown abruptly, It means your computer infected from Virus . There are many people with such incidents but some 20%-30%  people cares why it happened.

Our specialist of our IT Security Department has also issued a warning to the these significant malicious links , and opening for unknown mails or unknown sites is strictly forbidden.

Some malicious Hackers always looking for the victim.They active in festivals, with there malicious links to harm the users and to steal  the secret documents.

Global Virus Map by mcafee.com

Some tips to avoid viruses :

  • Note that only if there is someone you know, click the mail. Otherwise delete it immediately. and run antivirus Program .
  • Spywre is a malicious program that arrives at your computer and steals the private data and sends to hackers .
  • Caution even if the attachment in your email, especially from ".exe" extension. These are executable files.
  • Today thousands of virus Knocking daily, you must have to use secure antivirus to protect yourself from these viruses.
  • Use Online link scanner :
    1. onlinelinkscan.com
    2. virustotal.com
    3. AVG Scanner
    4. scanurl.net
These are some online link scanner programs to avoid viruses from your Computer and make your computer healthy and even more secure ....
Good luck...